Portsmith has an ever expanding range of products aimed at supporting the Samsung Tablet Range


The first to be made available was the 5 slot Multicharger for the Galaxy Tab Active Device. Works with TA1, 2 , 3 & 5. Also there is a Tab Active Pro , Pro 4 Charger


Tab Active 1 , 2 , 3 and 5









Tab Active PRO and Pro 4












XCover 3,4, 4S, 5 AND 6 PRO

1,2,4,6 and 8 way chargers

Other products that can be used with the Samsung handheld devices include:-


USB C to Gigabit ethernet with Power pass through (charging while communicating) Works with the XCover4S and later XCovers plus Tab Active 2,3  and PRO , PRO 4






Chargers and

Cradles for SAMSUNG

Tab Active and XCover

Vehicle Mounts for Tablets and Smart Phones

Currently NON CHARGING, but call for information.

  • Locking or non locking tablet mounts
  • Fixed mount
  • Suction mount
  • Clamp mount