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Desk Top Cradles

Charge Only

USB to ethernet adapter

Leather slip cases

A range of belt mounted protective pouches and slip cases are available for the XCover

We cannot currently offer a vehicle cradle for the XCover3 or XCover4 but contact us as we can create one if there is sufficient demand.
Vehicle Cradles

Charging and communications solutions for the Samsung

XCover 3 and XCover 4

Rugged SmartPhone

Many charging variants


  • 2 slot
  • 4 slot
  • 6 slot
  • 8 slot


The design of the charger is such that we can accommodate most devices simply by changing the plastic cup that holds the device. The main unit and electronics are unchanged .


One key feature of our chargers is that they help prevent damage to the micro USB connector used in the XCover 3 and 4. This can be caused by continuosly plugging and un-plugging a charger. The device is guided onto the connector by the cup to stop any potential damage.


Both version are designed for devices with the Mobilis Rugged Cases. XCover4 reference 018045. www.mobiliscase.com or contact us for details.

Part Numbers

Connect an XCover direct to an ethernet connection via the micro USB port


6 Way mini charger
8 Way mini charger