Hot-Swap Cable

Allows device to be quickly swapped out if permanently wired to vehicle
Short 10cm long pig tail with a locking Molex connector -
Different cables, which need to be purchased seperately, are available that will connect to the hot-swap plug:
  • Bare-ends or flying lead for permament wiring into vehicle - 2m long
  • Cigarette plug - 1.5m long
  • USB plug 1.5m long

Cigarette Plug - Light and Standard versions

There are 2 different types of cigarette or car plug :-
  • Car Plug Light - 12-24V 2 Amp - 1.4m long
                       The power supply is in the car plug
  • Standard - 10 to 30V 2 Amp - 1.5m long
                       The power supply and filtering are in the cradle.
                       The plug can be removed to convert the cable to
                        a flying lead version for permanent wiring
Light Vehicle cradles carry a 1 year warranty. Other vehicle cradles carry a 2 year warranty.

Vehicle Cradle Cable Choices

All charging vehicle cradle come with a cable fixed to them. There are 4 cable choices:-
  • Cigarette / Car Plug
  • Bare ends or Flying lead
  • Hot Swap
  • USB only available on some models

Flying Lead or Bare ends

This version is for hard wire installation, where the cradle is permanently wired to the vehicle
  • 10 to 30V 2 Amp - 2m long
                       The power supply and filtering are in the cradle.

USB Lead

This version can be used in vehicles with a USB A charging socket
  • 5V 2 Amp
  • 1.5m long
  • On some cradles ( example Zebra TC51/57 ) the USB can be used for communication to Android Auto