At PPS, our top priority is always to provide the best service for our customers and to fulfill orders quickly from stock or at least in a reasonable timescale. Many electronic components and some key parts come from the Far East, which I am sure you have heard, is having great issues with the Pandemic, causing factories to be closed, customs offices closing and even whole ports being closed, all for unknown lengths of time.
Due to these current delays from our suppliers, and in turn their suppliers, our order stock replenishment timeline has been impacted. We still try to carry stock of our fast moving items but for some items, lead times have been significantly impacted. Add to this the situation that our international carriers are facing, shipping times have more than doubled as well as huge cost increases. We can no longer rely on 'standard' service but have had to upgrade to using 'express' services. We have kept shipping costs as low as possible, often absorbing some of the costs ourselves, but may have to start passing these additional costs on.
The challenges we are facing:

  • Extended lead time from our suppliers, including extended shipping times
  • Component and raw material shortages
  • Component and raw material costs are increasing, often significantly
  • Shipping costs have increased already and are still increasing
  • Continued confusion and delays in some customs offices


Previously we had a fixed shipping cost, we will have to review this as we can no longer absorb the extra costs of shipping Express. Please contact us prior to placing orders so we can confirm freight costs.

We will try to inform customers of any potential 'customs issues'. Currently they seem to be centered on certain Countries.

These issues might result in:

  • Increased delivery lead time
  • Potential price increase of our products
We are doing our very best to get estimated delivery times from our suppliers, though this is not always possible. When we do get an estimate, lead times of several months are not unusual. We will continue our efforts to maintain inventory in order to meet our customers’ needs.
How to get your order faster with less hassle:
  • Please give as much notice for your future needs and place orders well in advance in order for us to secure the products you need  
  • Plan budgets accordingly that includes the potential price increase   
We would like to thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in these difficult times.