Open 19" Rack - Holds upto 32 handhelds each side

Closed Cabinet versions available

Cabinets full height and small, securely hold 4, 8 .... upto 32 handhelds

An open rack can hold upto 64 handhelds in a very small footprint !

We can offer a plate of 4 cradles designed to fit a standard 19inch rack. This allows creation of charging walls using open 19 inch system or secure cabinet solutions


Plates are made from 1.7mm steel for strength and are powder coated to ensure a smart durable look for many years


Plates include a Power Supply with an IEC C14 type connector.


Each rack only requires one power outlet


They are supplied with standard captive nuts, bolts and cap washers

MC67 19inch rack plate

24 bay wall mount

 19inch rack

16 bay wall mount

 19inch rack

4 bay mounted in secure

 19inch cabinet