Desk Top Cradles

Charge Only

 TC55 rack mount charger
USB to ethernet adapter
TC55 rack mount charger
Charge Only - Racks
Leather Cases
Vehicle and Desktop TC55 Cradles

PPS has many solutions for the Zebra  TC55

Handheld Computers

A plate designed to fit a standard 19inch rack. This allows creation of charging walls using open 19 inch system or secure cabinet solutions

A module having 4 charging cradles and a power supply

A range of protective pouches and cases compatible with our vehicle and desktop cradles

Due to the modular design, we can offer many charging and communications variants

  • Charge only
  • Communications
  • USB

Cradles come complete with tilt and swivel mount

Vehicle Cradles

 TC55 multi slot charger

 TC55 Leather Case Back

 TC55 Leather Case Front
Belt clip
Belt Clip


  • USB
  • Charge Only


Multi slot
  • 4 slots
  • 5 slots
RAM and Windscreen Suction Mount
TC55 Single slot charger
Connect devices to Ethernet networks using the USB connector