Desk Top Cradles

USB to ethernet adapter
TC55 rack mount charger
Charge Only - Rack Mount

Cradle and Accessory Part Numbers

A plate designed to fit a standard 19inch rack. This allows creation of charging walls using open 19 inch system or secure cabinet solutions

A module having 4 or 5 charging cradles and a power supply


Also available are 'Elfa adapters' allowing the rack plates to be mounted onto standard Elfa or ladder racking

Windscreen Suction Mount and RAM mounts

Many charging and communications variants are available for the TC5x series

  • Holder only
  • Charge only
  • USB
  • RS232


Supplied complete not as bits and pieces:- cradle with cable plus connectors all in  one box


Car Plug / Cig Plug -There are 2 versions 'Standard' and ‘Light’

  • Light version
    • The 5 volt power supply in the car plug.
    • Lower cost competes with other suppliers.
    • 1 year warranty
  • Standard versions
    • The power supply in the cradle. -
      • added voltage supression
      • higher current capability
      • better regulation.
    • The Car Plug can be removed and cradle can be hard wired into the vehicle.
    • 2 year warranty
Vehicle Cradles

Can be used to connect Zebra CRD-TC51-1SCU-01 to ethernet.

Avaliable as

  • Single slot
  • USB communications capable
  • Bluetooth

Charge only Multi slot cradles

  • 4 or 5 slots
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Multi Slot Mini Chargers

Very small footprint compact style. utilises proven charge control circuit

  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection

Metal top and bottom case

Plastic cups ensure accurate positioning and help to protect the connectors



Available sizes:


  • 2 slot
  • 4 slot
  • 6 slot
  • 8 slot
Vehicle and Desk Cradles

The modular design offers many advantages not normally found on similar products in the market

Multiple formats - Use the same basic parts

  • Desk Cradles


  • Vehicle Mount Cradles


  • 19" Rack version - high capacity



Cradles carry a 2 year warranty (apart from 'light' vehicle cradles which have 1 year)

Mounts are available for the vehicle cradles

  • Low Cost Suction mounts for fixing to windscreens
  • Clamp Mounts
  • Forklift mounts
  • RAM mount
    • B 1 1/2"
    • C 1"
    • Various solutions

We like to hear from our customers and are here to help solve any challenges you have

Upgrades and Service - Quick and Easy

Solutions for the Zebra  TC51, 52, 56 & 57

Handheld Computers

Hand Strap with Belt Clip

A hand strap with belt clip button.

Simply replace the hand strap on the exoskeleton with this hand strap which has a button on top which allows use with our range of belt clips.


Keeps the handheld secure and handy when not in use.

Leather Cases  and Belt Clips

A range of protective pouches and cases compatible with our vehicle and desktop cradles

ALSO belt clips and accessories

 TC55 Leather Case Back

 TC55 Leather Case Front
Belt clip
Belt Clip
Click Here to buy a sample vehicle cradle

Ethernet Single Slot Desk Top Cradles

  • Single handed insertion
  • Power supply included
  • 10/100 Mb ethernet


Built in proven and reliable Portsmith ethernet technology


Plug and Play - drivers are pre-installed in the TC5x handheld

Multi slot Desk Top Cradles

Click here to see the advantages of the modular design

Side parts can be easily changed for TC5x with or without exoskeleton

Charging Cradles for the TC52 and TC57 are available. These cradles cater for the new charging requirements of the TC52 and 57 as well as the original TC51 and 56


NOTE the original TC51/56 cradles will not charge TC52 or 57 handhelds

HOWEVER The TC52/57 cradles WILL charge TC51 and 56 handhelds

TC51 TC52 TC56 and TC57 cradles

Vehicle cradles come complete with a tilt and swivel mount used to fix the cradle to dash and to allow the operator to adjust the display for optimum ease of use


If the vehicle is on a contract hire then sometimes the hire company does not like things screwed to the dash as it decrease re-sale value. In this case you can select a different mount such as the suction mount which does not damage the vehicle. We also have other mounting options available on request.


NOTE: Those ordered with a suction mount, exclude a tilt and swivel. If T&S is needed please order separately


Tilt & Swivel Mount - INCLUDED

TC52 and 57 have been tested to work with ANDROID AUTO, the USB Vehicle Cradles Communicate and charge through the USB cable


  • USB A
  • USB C - CALL


Charge OPTION available separately if vehicle does not supply enough power through USB CALL FOR DETAILS
  • Cig plug
  • Flying lead (open ends for hard wiring) option

1 & 2 slot Economy Mini Desk Chargers

Similar to standard mini desk range and uses same power control circuit. New specification :-


  • 42% Lower cost
  • ABS top housing
  • Galvanised metal lower housing
  • Smaller footprint
    • 110mm x 94mm
  • Lighter weight
    • 280 g



Convert a hand held device into a hands free scanner. Holds the device inverted so scanner points down

  • Stable
  • Versatile
  • Permanent Power
  • Relaible


Two heights available

  • Desk Mount Stand
  • Floor Pedestal



2m Charging Wall
Elfa or ladder racking adapters