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Desk Top Cradles

USB to ethernet adapter

Cradle and Accessory Part Numbers

Solutions for the Zebra  TC20 & TC25

Handheld Computers

Windscreen Suction Mount and RAM mounts

We can offer many charging and communications variants

  • Holder only
  • Charge only
  • USB
  • RS232
Vehicle Cradles

 TC55 multi slot charger
Vehicle Cradle Datasheet
Part Numbers
TC55 Single slot charger

Our PSA1U1E rugged USB to Ethernet adapter works with this product. You need a USB C adapter .



Alternatively you can use a PSA1U1E rugged USB to ethernet adapter

Avaliable as

  • Single slot
  • USB communications capable
  • Bluetooth
  • ETHERNET cradles may be available

Charge only Multi slot cradles

  • 4 or 5 slots
Any Questions ??

Multi Slot Mini Chargers

Very small footprint compact chargers 'toaster' style


Available sizes:


  • 2 slot
  • 4 slot
  • 6 slot
  • 8 slot

 vehicle cradle windscreen mount
Vehicle and Desk Cradles


On release, most of the standard configurations will be available.

See greyed out sections below.


Please call for a demonstration unit.


The modular design offers many advantages not normally found on similar products in the market

Multiple formats - Use the same basic parts

  • Desk Cradles
  • Vehicle Mount Cradles


Most cradles come complete with a tilt and swivel mount to allow the operator to adjust the display for optimum ease of use


Cradles carry a 2 year warranty (apart from 'light' versions which have 1 year)

Mounts are available for the vehicle cradles

  • Suction mounts for fixing to windscreens
  • RAM ball mount
    • B 1 1/2"
    • C 1"

We like to hear from our customers and are here to help solve any challenges you have

Side parts can be easily changed so cradle can be easily repaired or changed for use with a different device