PPS has many solutions for the Zebra  MC70 or 75

Handheld Computers

Vehicle Cradles

1040-1992 –Lite version  The power supply is in the plug. OK for temporary installation or use in cars. - Power filtering is limited. 1 year warranty. CANNOT be converted to flying lead hard wire version.


All other cradles carry 2 years warranty


1140-1990 – The power supply and comprehensive filtering and power control is in the cradle. This can be converted to a 1140-1991 flying lead version for hard wiring in commercial vehicles – simply cut off the cig plug.


1140-1993 is similar to 1140-1991 but has an in line Molex plug. This allows the cradle to be safely swapped out without having to disconnect the wiring


3440-1990 /3540-1990 version require a mains cord to be purchased seperately :-


19" Rack Options