Zebra  MC55, MC65 or MC67 Handheld Computers

Vehicle Cradles

Desk Top Cradles

Charger or USB

Desk Top PORTSMITH Ethernet Cradle

1040-1692 – The power supply is in the plug. OK for temporary installation or use in cars. Lite version - Power filtering is minimal. 1 year warranty. CANNOT be converted to flying lead - hard wire version.

All other cradles carry 2 years warranty

1140-1690 – The power supply and comprehensive filtering and power control is in the cradle. This can be converted to a 1140-1991 flying lead version for hard wiring in commercial vehicles – simply cut off the cig plug.

1140-1693 is similar to 1140-1691 but has an in line Molex plug. This allows the cradle to be safely swapped out without having to disconnect the wiring from the vehicle

See selection of mains cords:-

19" Rack Options

MC67 Vehicle Cradle