USB to ethernet adapter

The PSA1U1E with a suitable micro USB A cable can be used to connect a Zebra® (CRD-MC33-2SUCHG-01) USB cradle to ethernet.

Cradle has a micro A/B USB connector.


Available as a kit PSAK-UCE or separately

PSA1U1E + 170574-000


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Solutions for the Zebra®  MC3300

Handheld Computer range

NEW RELEASE MC3300 cradles

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Single slot desktop charging and Ethernet cradle for Zebra MC3300


Provides wired Ethernet connection for safe, secure, and reliable transfer of data while charging


Reliable and simple to use

  • Designed specifically for rugged enterprise use
  • Accommodates brick or gun handhelds
  • Precision alignment of the MC33 to the dock
  • Pogo pin connections for reliability
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic cup
  • Sturdy rugged metal chassis
  • One handed insertion and removal


10/100Mbps Ethernet

  • RJ-45 port with speed and connect LED’s
  • Proven Portsmith Ethernet technology
  • No drivers required to load - MC33 automatically connects and starts the network connection


Safe, protective, power and the hand held

  • 12V input power
  • Over-voltage circuit and power conditioning protects dock and hand-held device
MC3300 Single Slot Ethernet cradle

Charging and ethernet Cradles for the Zebra® MC33 range are now available.


  • 1 slot NOW
    • Desk Top Charge only or
    • Ethernet / Charging Cradles
  • 2 and 4 slot charge only coming soon
    • Possible to have ethernet versions
  • Work with gun and brick version


These cradles do not charge spare batteries, only the handheld battery


Part numbers

4140-2442  Euro Kit contents

  • Single slot ethernet desktop cradle for Zebra MC33xx
  • 3m Ethernet cable
  • 12VDC wall cube power supply with international pins

(PSCK-MC3300E - US kit part number )


Dimensions 133 x 145 x 86 mm


Weight 0.75 kg