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USB to ethernet adapter
Charge Only - 19" Rack Mount

The PSA1U1E with a suitable cable can be used to connect a Zebra (CRD-MC33-2SUCHG-01) USB cradle to ethernet.


Available as a kit PSAK-UCE or

PSA1U1E + 170574-000


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Solutions for the Zebra  MC3300

Handheld Computer range


Charging and ethernet Cradles for the Zebra MC3300 range are now available.

These cradles have an integrated Portsmith adapter which guarantee the best connection available. The drivers are pre-loaded on all MC3300 handhelds.

They work with gun and brick versions. These cradles do not charge spare batteries, only the handheld battery.


  • Desk Top Chargers
  • Ethernet Cradles
  • 1 slot NOW
    • 4 and 5 slot coming soon
    • Can be a mix of charge and ethernet, one slot can be ethernet the others can be charge only


NEW RELEASE MC3300 cradles