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Rugged Storage for PDAs, Mobile Devices and Tablets

For enterprises and businesses deploying or managing mobile devices our range of rugged cabinets provides the most cost effective, advanced and versatile solution to store and charge any PDA. Providing a central charging point our cabinet ensures that the mobile device is always ready and charged when it’s needed. Managers and supervisors can clearly see when the equipment has been returned and if it has been damaged – dramatically increasing the life of the device and reducing servicing downtime costs.



The cabinets are cost effective to deploy reducing both the time and complexity associated with installing additional mains power sockets. Messy and potentially dangerous cabling is cleanly routed through the cabinets providing a safe, clean and tidy work environment.
The WIFI and 4G friendly materials used to build the cabinets ensures that the devices are always connected to the network for data communication and updates. A WIFI hotspot enabled option extends wireless coverage with no drilling or installation and an RFID enabled backplane is optionally available to report automatically when terminals are returned.


Mini Desk Cradles with the Storage Cabinets

A neat and space efficient way to charge multiple devices, for more information please click here:-