General Information  1-Slot Desktop Charger

Size  100x95x55 mm
Warranty  2-years, Option 3-5 years
Approvals  CE / RoHS
Technical Information
Input power  100-240VAC Power-supply 50/60Hz, 0.4A
Output power  DC 5V 2.5A
Charging Time  PDA dependent normally 1-3 hours
Power Supply  Wall Cube style, comes with EURO, UK and US power pins

A Range of Desktop Chargers charge only or with communications.


The Cradles have a variety of connections available

  • Single slot desktop have mains 110/240V plug top charger with UK, European and US pins
  • Four slot cradles come with a power supply but NO mains cord is supplied.


The USB versions can also be used with theUSB to ethernet PSA1U1E adapters to give ethernet connectivity. Contact us for details.


Desktop versions for Android devices can be used with the Bluetooth to Ethernet Adapter PSAKE5BT1E